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Jeff W Kessel
Independent Field Examiner
Photo of Jeff Kessel in front of the Dallas skyline
TODAY MORE THAN EVER in our history, American commerce must be confident in its time-honored partner… 

The Field Examiner

Photo of Jeff Kessel auditing from his home office in Dallas, Texas

MY NAME IS JEFF KESSEL. I’m in the service of lender clients and debtor clients. As I survey our embattled culture, I realize that my moral obligation is to an even greater client: the American public. 

Healthy commerce cannot function without fiscal integrity.  Two decades of practice as an independent public auditor has revealed my life’s work to be more than engagements and tasks. Pursued with conscience, it provides unique benefits to society. 

The documentation I provide assures the transparency vital to commercial, industrial, and individual clients in these perilous times. The assurance of a flawless audit defines the mission of JWK. 

Jeff W Kessel

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